How to Celebrate This Year Diwali 2020: Valuable Tips

Diwali, while being a delightful festival, is also a time when we need to be responsible.

Diwali, while being a delightful festival, is also a time when we need to be responsible. Diwali Arrives, and the country shines with lights, fireworks, splendor, flamboyance, and astonishing fiesta. People go all out in their efforts to light their lives and homes with the festive feel. While Diwali rituals were once about lighting up earthen lamps and spending time with friends and family, today it has turned into a spectacle of flashing lights, loud firecrackers, and all that contributes to pollution from the atmosphere and energy wastage. Air gets toxic, pets get frightened, people get hurt, and let alone the long-term effects of these thoughtless acts.

Now due to COVID 19, maybe some celebrations disrupted, postponed, or canceled. Though, You can celebrate Diwali in a safer and greener way, without sacrificing on the festivities, if you make a little effort.  Here are 8 simple yet valuable tips for celebrating a Diwali in 2020.

Basque in traditional diyas

What’s Diwali without diyas! Therefore, why do you not return this year to the traditional way of decorating your house with the warmth and light of the earthen Diya, the lanterns, and candles? First of all, it’s a beautiful experience to light, friendly diyas and candles and place them in your home. You will also save on the energy required to illuminate fancy electric lighting and LED lighting.

You can shed light on the lives of those who make and sell diyas. Now, isn’t this what the spirit of Diwali is all about? Carry that calm ray of light to your house!

Say Yes to the Floral Splendor

Without colorful rangolis, Diwali celebrations can not be considered complete. While artificially colored rangolis may seem fantastic, they are far from safe. Most artificial colors contain toxic compounds, which are not only detrimental to your skin, but also the environment.

 How about this Diwali to claim these artificial colors and go for some true ones? We speak about using flowers that can make your rangolis special in its freshness, elegance, and fragrance. You can easily mix, match, and use different flowers to make unique designs. It is time for the imaginative creature to break free!

Say ‘No’ to Crackers

Firecracker bursting is an integral part of Diwali’s ecstasy. We support that! We agree! But the fact is that these crackers’ heavy metals and poisonous gasses add to the ever-increasing degree of pollution. Also, it is known that crackers cause accidents, injuries, and health problems.

A trackless Diwali is the perfect way to celebrate. You can select the recently released, environmentally friendly crackers, low in sound, but high in fun. In other words, without polluting the atmosphere, you will taste the thrill of bursting crackers. It’s like a plan, right?

Go for ‘Greener’ Gifts

People need not have to spend a lot of time and money choosing gifts to be given for their loved ones, as Diwali has a tradition of giving. Take a moment this year, and wonder if you are accepting the eco-friendly gifts.

Will it not be an excellent idea, for example, to gift plants rather than firecrackers, candy, or chocolate to your loved ones? You can select a wide variety of possibilities, such as kitchen grasses, bonsai, indoor plants, feng shui plants, terrariums, etc. The intention is rather than toxic gifts, to spray feelings. And giving a plant is a way of celebrating Diwali in 2020 – green.

Keep Plastic away

You can not have a green Diwali unless you choose to celebrate a healthy Diwali, which is plastic-free. And yes, we say NO PLASTIC, you’ve heard us right! It’s not too difficult to break away from plastics, if you’re committed enough. This Diwali means that all sorts of plastics should be used not.

From gift wraps and gift bags to boxes containing Diwali sweets and cheap plastic decoratives, and all in between, opt for plastic-free options.

Mithai Can Be Healthy

The Mithai boxes we send out on Diwali, we usually go to the city to buy them. But how are things going to change a little? Take regular, mithai options for a healthy thing. For lactose or committed vegan allergists, milk-free alternatives are suitable. Always look for obsolete sugar-free sweets. Choose milk made with coconut flour and soya milk. Your relatives will thank you for not increasing the size of their waistlines!

Rise to Recycling

Diwali is often the time for you to clean your house and makeup with new ribbons, painting, decorating, etc. Replacing the old thing with new items is an unknown ritual that most people follow while preparing for the festival.

How about recycling and not replacing old items this year? You can recycle your content, give it a new look, and use them in an entirely new look and form, if you are a creative soul. And don’t throw them away if you want to do away with your old stuff. Alternatively, send it to a deserving individual. Sometimes, opt for recyclable things when you buy new products.

Use Eco-Friendly Rangoli Colours

Rangolis are an enormous part of Diwali celebrations we all encountered or were part of at least once! But, we forget these beautiful and colorful designs that involve synthetic colors which are environmentally harmful. We can’t help making it, but we can do our best to ensure it suits our environmentally friendly celebration of Diwali-select rangolis, which can be made using flowers or using colors with ecological effects that do not affect our climate. The simple choices are very important!

The Final Verdict

All of these might sound like simple actions and ideas, but trust us, small drops of water make the mighty ocean. We wish each of you a very happy Diwali with these valuable tips! Let’s strive this year to make the festival more meaningful and enjoyable. Here’s wishing everyone a Clean and Green Diwali!


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