Do People Keep Asking You When You Might Get Married?

There is a time for everything. Remember Akshay Kumar’s password? Everything is planned. The same is with your marriage. Call it fate or just the way life rolls. You understand it but there are some who do not. Take for instance, that distant aunt who meets you at a cousin’s wedding. They may not have anything against you; it is probably just their way of initiating a conversation. 

Cash on it and give a reply so cool that they get the point you’re trying to make, will probably laugh about it and may then think twice about asking such a question again. Get into your apun bola stance and read these replies to shaadi kab kar rahe ho out loud for maximum effect. 

1. As Soon as You Find Someone for Me.

Of course, this means you are asking them to do the work of finding someone for you. So, next time you can ask them – Did you find someone for me?

2. I already did! Didn’t You See the Wedding Pictures?

If you see the utter shock on your uncle’s face be sure to assure them that you were just joking.

3. I’m Married in secret. I go to the mountains every weekend to visit my partner. 

Want an extended version? Here you go: My partner is a millionaire and has a cliff-facing house. They are not very fond of socialising and prefer their privacy. You can visit if you make an appointment.

4. 31st April 

This one is a bit obvious. If not, show them your knuckles. April does not fall on a knuckle.

5. I’m only half human, half elf. People don’t want that.

You came with Aamir Khan on a spaceship to learn the human ways.

6. After I win the Nobel prize

But if you do actually win a Noble prize, you might have to think of a new answer.

7. What is shaadi? Have not heard about it. 

What is? Feign complete ignorance.

8. When Salman Khan stops acting as the lead

Everyone knows the answer to that.

9. After my children are reborn to exact revenge on everyone asking me this question. Mere Karan Arjun aayenge!

Dramatic much? But don’t we all need a little bit of it to make our lives interesting?

10. My palmist said that if I marry, I might end up marrying 5 people at a time. 

If it happened to Draupadi, it can happen to anyone. Surely, you have already used some of these before. Now you have a few more to choose from. Some of your relatives are just concerned so don’t take such a question too personally. Say these excuses and laugh about it. Sometimes the best thing you can do instead of waiting for someone to come looking for you is take action. You could join one of the matrimony sites and take charge of your search for ‘The One. Life is too short to keep waiting. Be someone who gets to choose rather than wait to be chosen.


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