Moments and Occasions to Gift Your Husband a Blessed Gift

Spending your whole life with one person, it sure is a promise till eternity. You know it in your mind that the bond is unbreakable, but you know it in your heart you will have to renew your vow with not words but actions for the rest of your life. Things don’t work that easily; they have to be made to work sometimes in your and other times in your partner’s favours. It’s how it has to work and should too. To keep the love alive and the bond sparkling and shining forever one thing you can turn to gifts. Shower your hubby with a casual and occasional gifting spree, here’s how.

1.Birthday Gift

Deciding on a birthday gift for husband is sure is a dicey decision to make but we are here to help you with. A cake and a flower bouquet is always a must-have for any birthday celebration and especially if it’s your husband. Club it with wallets, dinner dates, room decoration, and a private touch to it all. You should be good to go. 

2.Anniversary Gift

Anniversaries are a big part of your life. It is the day you took your vow and made unbreakable promises; it is the day to showcase and reignite this bond and love once again and forever. Gift a heart-shaped pendant of foreverness with your picture for him to keep if not water or gift him a customised mug. 

3.Monthly Anniversary Gift

It is not the most active celebration as of now and indeed not celebrated by everyone. You could be the one to commence this new ritual, begin it with this month. Not anything significant that takes a monthly toll from your pocket, but something subtle, sweet and gesture full can be it like a dinner date or a handmade dish. It’s all about the thought behind it. 

4.Christmas Gifts

Christmas is near, and so is the burden to find the perfect gift and more than ideal for your husband. Decorating the house and your name with Christmas themed ornaments is one. Apart from this order a cake, plan a candlelight dinner or sit around the fireplace and have a heart to heart chat. You can arrange a bonfire with friends and call it a night. Options are endless. 

5.New Year Gift

The new year is the time to make new memories and pack the old ones in a box secure in your heart forever. To make this already special occasion even more memorable, gift your husband a tie to wish him luck for coming future endeavours, wine glasses for the celebration of the night, a keychain just for fun but yeah with a special note or picture along. You could also gift him customised presents. 

6.Weekend Gift

Tough week for him and you, of course, you can make it memorable for the both of you single-handedly by making it a theme of your married life to celebrate the weekends together or with friends and with. a sweet candlelight dinner or movie night in, or pizza delivery or cooking together. It may be your gift to him, but it will always be for the both of you. 

7.Thank You Gifts

You must be thankful for a million reasons but wouldn’t be able to say it out often enough. Change this pattern and do what you think is right. Thank him for the smallest of things. Even a peck on the cheek for fetching a cup of coffee is meaningful and deserves portrayal of gesture from your side. Tell him via short handwritten notes; he is the most special guy in the world. 

8. Sorry Gift

Apologies are a sensitive matter and should be given in a time before it’s too late to mend things. An apology letter, a touch of realisation is something of a must in this pack of apology. Although it can be hyped along with a meaningful gift tagged along similar to bouquets, deliveries to office premises, hourly phone calls, a guitarist at home and so.  Can you imagine the charm in your husband’s eyes as you present these gifts to him. Of course, can. He might not have the biggest smile on his face but will certainly acknowledge and melt in his heart. 

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