Work Management Software – Why Your Team Needs One Right Now?

Are you aiming to enhance your team’s productivity? Do you plan to make your business operations more efficient? Maybe you want to implement some changes in how your business operates but don’t know where to start? So, if your answer is yes, read on to find how you can go about it. Whether the goal is to reduce risk, manage your projects better, enhance communication and collaboration, or reduce total cost-per-project, utilizing work management software can be very beneficial. No matter how complex your projects are, and whatever level of communication is required, a team and work management software solution will help your team members to stay connected.

Here are some other benefits of why you should use good work management software for your team.

1. Complex project management

Work management software can help you manage even complex project planning seamlessly. You can also track projects and use it to make task lists and sub-task lists to ensure that your projects are completed accurately in one go. That’s not all! Work management software makes it easier for project managers to measure the overall status and progress at each milestone and also gauge each resource’s and team’s productivity. You can also track nuances such as team communication, timelines, and budget.

2. Simpler allocation and scheduling

Team and work management software simplifies your life to a large extent. Especially when you have to allocate or schedule resources on multiple projects. Whether you have to allocate one resource to a significant project or identify three highly-skilled programmers for a software development task. Whatever the project or resource requirement, work management software will have you covered. Take an example of Enbraun’s eResource Scheduler, one of the leading management software available today. It comes with a drag and drop functionality, is high configurable, and helps you plan and make changes in your projects easily.

3. Responsive task management

Without comprehensive work management software, you could face low work efficiency and hence, your team could lose valuable time. Moreover, it would be impossible to oversee how much work has been completed so far. It would be difficult to assess your team’s performance or bill customers for the completed tasks. Most work management software solutions also have an interactive task list which enables you to add all your upcoming tasks and also get reminders of upcoming deadlines. Project managers can also assign and delegate tasks to their team members and notify those people of the same. In addition, some management software solutions also let you create shared tasks. For example, when a resource gets a new task in their to-do list, they could also assign a part of it to other colleagues. Lastly, this tool provides time trackers which enable measuring the time spent on daily activities.

4. Agile development 

The advantage of having work management software is not just to organize your team’s work, but it’s also about building an agile team. Without comprehensive application of team management, your team would find it challenging to enhance their performance and gain valuable outcomes. Also, you will have no way to assess the completed work or measure the team’s overall performance accurately. But by using the right agile work management software, organizations can easily add all their upcoming assignments and also prioritize them depending on business needs. You can also assign tasks to various team members, share the tasks between colleagues, and measure the time utilized on tasks to calculate the productivity of your team.

5. Better team collaboration

Besides several resource scheduling and project management benefits, work management software improves team collaboration significantly. Project managers usually assign individual tasks from a bigger project to their team. Whereas management software offers a way to collaborate on various projects by deliberating on tasks, their deadlines, completed vs. outstanding work, any dependencies, etc. Therefore, your team would collaborate in a much better manner, leading to more efficiency, profitability, and success.

6. Shared calendar and event scheduling

The leading work management software solutions always have a shared calendar. You can use this team calendar for scheduling team meetings and other such events with customers and business partners. Also, you’ll know when any of your team members is away from office, making it simpler to schedule meetings that suit everyone. What’s more? If you want to book meeting rooms for an upcoming meeting in advance, you should find management software that has a calendar and lets you book various resources, including meeting rooms in your office.

7. Automated meeting scheduling

Another vital calendar feature is automated meeting scheduling. Rather than long email correspondence with your business clients, you can fix a suitable meeting time easily in just a few clicks. Whenever you need to propose multiple meeting times to your customer, just select multiple time slots in your calendar. Your meeting invite with proposed times would be automatically sent to the customer, who in turn can choose a suitable time from the ones you’ve suggested. After confirmation, both the parties receive a confirmation email, and that meeting and event is added to both the calendars.

8. Enhanced Communications

Work management software also provides project managers with a clearer understanding of current status and events that are happening around. Best management software nowadays comes with collaborative features along with share ability options. This enables the teams to manage clear communication and effective collaboration. The flow of work also becomes much smoother.

eResource Scheduler – Your Best Bet for a Work Management Software

eResource Scheduler (eRS) is the best team and work management software for entrepreneurs, business leaders, and project managers alike. A flagship product designed by Enbraun, eRS helps you to manage your time wisely and be brace for success. By using this best management software, you can manage, automate, and optimize your resource planning. It also helps you to monitor your multiple projects; track time and handle leave management – all at once. If you need to generate insightful reports right from the planning stage to the delivery or review phase, this tool is your best bet. Get in touch for a free trial today and check out all its benefits yourself.


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