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Wondering what kind of curtains you should buy? Choosing the Best curtain for your home or room can be complicated, as several considerations need to be taken. What are the best kinds of curtains? Why do box-pleat and pinch-pleat-curtains differ? Which types of curtains are suitable for different rooms? We will highlight with all the needs to know about selecting the best types of curtains, curtain lengths, and curtain fabrics to ensure that you can easily pick from the best curtain shop in Jaipur and hang your curtains with confidence!!!

First Thing First

Curtains differ in the length, fabric, and color, so It is also necessary to compare curtain styles and curtain fold styles while shopping.

The arrangement of the Pleats determines how the curtains hang on a rod or whether it falls or drapes the room. Various kinds of curtains serve their unique purpose as Many curtains block sunlight, while others can only be lined. You ‘re going to want to test your home and decoration needs in advance to make sure that you purchase the right ranges. You’ll want to appraise your household and decor needs beforehand to ensure you’re buying the right curtains from the right place in Jaipur.

Let’s dive into each of these curtain types.

Pleated Curtains

If you go for a traditional or formal look, the pleated curtains are your best choice. Usually, these curtains are more substantial and have thicker textiles. You should select the form of the platter according to your room appearance. The most popular type of pinch pleat curtains that can be found in Jaipur are pleated curtains.

Box Pleat

Box pleat curtains are best for catering rooms, lounges and bedrooms. The plates run deep and continuously through the entire length of the fabric, offering a personalized look.

Goblet Pleat

Goblet pleat curtains are suitable for large, formal, and high ceiling spaces. They resemble a goblet or a wine glass design. This curtain design will remain stationary due to the delicate nature of the platters, and can only be used to decorate the frame.

Pencil Pleat

Pencil pleat curtains have smaller, single plates that make dealing with various curtain hooks or rods simpler. They are casual and have a cozy look in comparison to a goblet or box pleat curtains. They ‘re great for dormitories or living rooms with no formality.

Eyelet (Grommet) Curtains

Eyelet or grommet curtains are Modern style curtains. The panels are provided with open rings (or grommets) and will quickly open or close the curtains; they are an excellent choice for bedrooms.

Buy From Best Home Furnishing and Curtain Shops in Jaipur

Fantasy Lifestyle Interiors Pvt Ltd

Fantasy Lifestyle Interiors Pvt Ltd is a top player in the category of Home furnishing established in 2010. It is a one-stop-shop for all your needs and offering services like Dealer in curtain, Home furnishing, and many more. They have a well-established foothold in the industry with better customer service. They accept all modes of payment and are operational between 10:00 AM- 08:00 PM.

Milav Design Studio

Milav Design Studio was established in  2011  with a new, strong belief in the amalgamation of craft traditions and emerging technology that can change the lifestyle perspective. Their expertise lies in customizing items, home accessories, home decor, to give an elegant look to spaces such as  hotels, residences, and restaurants through the Innovative use of Indian craftsmanship and materials. They are best known for their handcrafted curtain shop in the city.

Fanusta Global Private Limited

Fanusta is a curated home decor shop with a mission to rediscover the missing Indian art and redefine craftspeople’s uniqueness and craftsmanship. They work directly with the best craftsmen from India to create beautiful, handcrafted curtains for your home using the best materials blended with modern design and ancient techniques. Offer an exquisite range of home furnishing. They serve end to end customers at a reasonable price with luxury goods and service.


Fairdecor products are handcrafted and genuinely manufactured in India! They have local artisans from Jaipur, which makes them unique in the city. They use a brand class fabric with beautiful colors to manufacture curtains. Offer a wide range of high-quality handcrafted home furnishing products like curtains, bedsheets, and many more for adding ethnic style to your home decor. Shop with them if you are looking for the best curtain shop in Jaipur.

Luxur Decor

Nestled in the heart of the city, luxur decor has worked extensively on customer needs this thought process makes them unique from every shop in Jaipur. Making everything customized as per clients need had helped them to move ahead aggressively in the market. They offer a vast variety of products like bedsheets, curtains, and many more designed for artistic leisure as a home furnishing outlet. They imagine making luxury extremely accessible as a home decorating furnishing service.


Shivalaya offers a wide selection of amazingly priced home furnishing with a consistently great shopping experience in Jaipur. They sell hand block printed fabric curtains, home decor, and accessories for an elegant look to your house. They have a great marketplace demand and serve thousands of clients across the globe. Besides the very wide choice of women and men, they have covered it all for a better lifestyle. They also offer home delivery services at your doorstep with a minimal service charge.

Woods Feather

Woods feather is a unique destination for furniture and home decor accessories that the master craftsmen and artisans carry to you the highest quality handcrafted, and custom made items. They cater to a range of trends and preferences in design. This offer a selection of unique curtains and furniture in various materials and finishes. They are always updated with the latest trends. They have years of experience in their highly effective sourcing and quality assurance to give you the best.

Now It’s Your Turn

Pink city is destined for handicrafts by artisans using ancient techniques. Every shop in Jaipur has its influence. This illustrative will help you to buy the best curtain in the city.

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