How to Choose the Best Italian Marble for House?

We all can see uncountable beauties that are provided to us by nature. However, a lot of things exist which come under the tag of human-made. But when you think about taking help from natural measures, they have a different level.

About Marble

Most of us are aware of the term ‘marble‘. It proves to be a metamorphic rock that is created of recrystallized carbonate minerals. Here, calcite and dolomite are there to see as the common minerals. It stands as an impressive natural stone that is mostly used in residential and commercial places. And largely you can identify its appearance for flooring purposes.

There are many types of marble stone available in the market. But here, we are talking about one of the prominent kinds, and i.e., the Italian marble.

What Is Italian Marble?

It stands as one of the attractive and extensively used species of marble in the present time. This kind of marble is comprised of durability and contains a luxury touch. It is said that the most famous marble in the globe comes from the Italy region. People can identify its presence as a very soft stone having gemstone-like manifestation.


You can see its presence in different colors and patterns.

This class of a marble holds a superior position as it comes from the rich stone functioning heritage of Italy.

Italians do care to convey quality made marble and have set very high standards related to this topic.


You can discover several types of Italian Marbles around the globe. But, if we particularly talk about those which are available in the Indian market. Then you can see more than 100 options. And regarding some of the best segments of Italian marble, they are named as Carrara, Calacutta, and Statuario, etc.

The Important Note

By reading information about Italian marbles, you may have gained some related knowledge. But, one important thing that can arrive in many minds is how to choose the best Italian marble for the house. For that, we will assist you by describing some useful tips.

Identify Your Needs

As we said previously that a lot of colors and designs are available in the Italian marble. They prove to be costly and the price is based on the quality of the stone. So, if you’re looking to apply them to different parts of the house. Make sure to install the best one on floorings or the side that contains an eye-catching display. And these kinds of marbles are also susceptible to scratches. That’s why you’ll have to take care of places which are prone to transporting heavy items if you’re fixing them.

Have a Look at the Texture

While purchasing this series of marble, you’ll have to consider one more point, and that is about the texture. When a combination is set to its best, a good result appears. It means that if you’re going to locate the Italian marble in the house, let’s suppose in the bedroom. So, you can opt for the texture that fits right with the overall appearance of the room.

Inspect Properly

When dealing with the marble slabs, make sure to inspect that all the slabs contain equal thickness. At least go for the one that contains the thickness of 18 mm. Otherwise, there can be chances of cracks to appear. And there can be a slight possibility of the presence of stains. So, you can also have a look at that thing to ensure that you bring the best material.

If Possible, Take a Professional When Buying

Many people may not know about one thing that every Italian marble contains a sound. While purchasing them, we can’t completely identify the best one for our use according to its sound. But, some people can handle these kinds of workings. And if you know them, take their assistance for better outcomes.

Remember These Tips As Well

Many things ask for care and maintenance timely. This thing applies to the marble as well. After installation, if you consider having an eye to its care, it will be better. For that, try to avoid making contact with those substances that can put stains, like some acidic substances. While mopping, make sure that the water you use doesn’t contain those chemicals which may create adverse impacts. To make them shiny and impressive again, you can prefer re-polishing after a particular interval of time.

Best Marble Supplier in Rajasthan                        

Well, if you want to take an idea regarding some of the best marble suppliers in Rajasthan. Then, we are showing you some known providers that deal with the same. So, let’s identify their name along with some information.

RK Marbles

If you want to know the name of a very popular marble provider in Rajasthan. Then, you can see the name of RK Marbles. This company took place in the year 1989 with an ordinary warehouse in Kishangarh. And now they are delivering the services to a bigger platform. Different kinds of marbles exist under this giant firm. And they have a well-equipped stockyard that holds the capability to meet several demands for a steady supply. Kishangarh is a place that proves to be the marble hub of Asia. And the company also thought they have contributed to their side to let this thing happen.

Bhutra Marbles And Granites

Another supplier of marbles from the region of Kishangarh is Bhutra Marbles and Granites. This is also a rich industry having a combination of knowledge and experience. And they perform different tasks like importing, exporting, manufacturing, and retailing. Such things are about a finer range of granite and marble slabs. They are also renowned as one of the famous providers in Rajasthan regarding the series of natural stones like marbles.

Arora’s JK Marbles Ltd.

One of their major mines is in Morwad, situated near the lake city (Udaipur). A series of natural stone are identifiable from this company’s side. This corporation stands as one of the leading marble producers in the Indian subcontinent. Around 4,00,000 Metric tons of marble is what the capacity this company generates annually. They have the assistance of the latest international mining technology.

Bhandari Marble Group

One more big-name serving its facilities from the place of Kishangarh is Bhandari Marble Group. You can observe this company in the race of some big marble providers in Rajasthan. People can see a large range of both Indian and imported marble here. They have a large processing unit that contains the ability of cutting edge technologies. There is the availability of products in various sizes and designs to enhance the beauty of various places.

Avid Marbles & Granites

Another fine supplier of marbles from Udaipur city, Avid Marbles and Granites also have a good name. The company indicates in its official information that they have a globally recognized name. And not only in India, but in the outside places as well. They have a good customer base in different parts of the world. There are several kinds of eye-catching designs in the segment of marbles to see by their side. The company attempt to deliver premium quality and durable stones. And they believe trust is the key to the way of success, which is correct after all.

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