How to Take Better Care of Your Lawn

Enhancing your home’s curb appeal does not always have to come with high landscaping costs. Sometimes, all you need is a green, lush, and healthy lawn, which you can easily achieve with these helpful lawn care tips.

Mow Your Lawn High

Mowing your lawn high has a number of important benefits, including healthier grass, fewer weeds, a lower need for water, and a lush, greener appearance. Lawn care experts recommend keeping your grass at a minimum mowing height of 2.5 to 3 inches. Make sure you use sharp mower blades when cutting your grass for a cleaner cut and faster healing process.

Use Organic Fertilizers

Fertilizing is an essential lawn care task that will ensure healthy grass life. According to the Planet Natural Research Center, it would be ideal to use organic fertilizers instead of chemical fertilizers as the latter can be hard on the plants and the environment. On the other hand, using organic fertilizers help improve soil texture, aeration, and drainage and provides slow-release nutrition. It also aids the environment in many ways.

Install an Automatic Sprinkler System

Overwatering is one of the most common reasons for sudden plant death. You can help prevent this from happening by installing an automatic lawn sprinkler system. Automatic systems ensure the proper distribution of water to each area of your lawn. They also feature rain sensors that turn off the sprinklers automatically when rainfalls.

Besides increasing the efficiency of your irrigation system, installing an automatic sprinkler system can also help you save water at home. Are you planning to install an automatic lawn sprinkler system? If yes, do not hesitate to ask for help from your trusted local plumber. DIY installations can result in costly mistakes. Get the most benefits from an automatic sprinkler system installation by hiring a professional service. Contact the pros for a quote today!


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