How To Increase Traffic to Your Website In 2021

So you have dispatched your business website in the desire for getting new leads and loads of traffic? You build your website with an engaging layout, high-quality educational content, and add plugins. But even after trying your best, you are not receiving the expected lead count and traffic?

In such a situation you must be thinking about what to do next? 

With the availability of thousands of web and mobile app development companies, website development is no longer a complex task for entrepreneurs. They hire an experienced website development company that matches their requirements and get their desired business solutions when they need them. But the main concern is to grab a huge audience for their website, increasing traffic and getting enough conversion that satisfies their business profitability and productivity. 

How to make your brand notified by the huge crowd to keep you on the top of your contenders? SEO is the answer! Yes, Search Engine Optimization is the only way to keep you on top of search engine ranking and make you reachable to a wider audience. With the sudden increase in online shopping trends, it is very hard for website owners to maintain good traffic on the website in the year 2021. In this article, we will discuss the right way to gain countless traffic with some great SEO skills. 

Top Tricks to Increase Your Website Traffic in 2021


With the expansion in the number of mobile users around the world, it is a must to make your website mobile-friendly to gain traffic from a mobile device. Today, a  large portion of the clients open websites on their small screen of mobile phones so you need to plan your site with the goal that they can undoubtedly explore it on their mobile. You can explore various tools on Google to check the mobile performance of your website pages. Also, guarantee that every one of your posts is AMP ready.

Engaging Infographics

Infographics have the potential to grab the eye of individuals. You can make appealing and attractive infographics to bring more traffic. Individuals react to visually introduced data rapidly when contrasted with text. You can contact a professional graphic designer to give your website amazing visuals. You can additionally share infographics on Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and other online media channels to connect with the social media crowd.

Create Content Targeting Influencers

If you want influencers to respond to your post, you need to give data that influencers really want to read. Imagine, if you are a SEO organization, you need to share content focusing on the issues of online business and in what manner can SEO help in tackling those issues. At the point when you give the information that influencers really care about, it will consequently support your website’s traffic, and much more individuals can share your content

Update Content

Generally, individuals allude to the recently added posts since they give the latest statics and figures. If you have embedded loads of figures, statistics, and data in your posts, you should update your content with the most recent data. It doesn’t mean you need to modify your content, you simply need to redesign it. The website content gets outdated someday, so you need to ceaselessly improve and refresh it. This way you can improve your website traffic.

Leverage from Medium

Medium is one more go-to platform to advertise your content and feature your connection on another position site. You can make content advertising posts on Medium and connect with your posts to get more leads. The Medium can be an incredible platform to exhibit your content and rank higher on the web indexes.

Reach out To Bloggers

There’s an immense blogger network present in different domains. You need to connect with bloggers who are posting content in your domain. You can get in touch with them and offer your posts. If a blogger loved your post, they would consequently share your blog, and you can open your online blog in front of a new crowd. The blogger ought to have a good client base with the goal that you can drive more leads. Thus, make bloggers your partner and be a trend follower.

Start Podcasting

That’s right, podcasting is the trend. With the headway of audio applications, countless individuals are tuning in to web recordings. You should utilize it for your potential benefit. 

Tweak with LinkedIn Publishing Platform

Once you have created engaging web content for your website, don’t let it stay there. You can take profit from the LinkedIn platform and market your web content there as well. You can deliver quality, engaging, unique, and easy to understand content on LinkedIn. Also, You need to incorporate a CTA in your post with the goal that an enormous number of LinkedIn clients can get to your unique post.

Include LSI Words

There’s no mystery that SEO is the best way to take a huge crowd on your website directly. Yet, SEO has been so much misused now that old SEO deceives and doesn’t work anymore. With the constantly changing Google algorithms, SEO trends also changes. The fundamental purpose for this is that Google’s Hummingbird calculation has patched up SEO totally. Due to such an update, Google not only understands the search queries but also responds to the relevant topics with the help of LSI keywords. So it is recommended to sprinkle LSI keywords through your content for better SEO driven outcomes.


So we are at the end of our discussion and what we have concluded? We need to do everything! Yes, in today’s highly competitive world, you are not allowed to miss out on a single point that can take you one step closer to your target audience. You must put your efforts to cover all the factors that drive more traffic and ultimately increase your conversions.  If you want to continually generate more traffic, you need to take a stab at everything. You host to post on a third-party platform, deliver strong visuals, target social media platforms, and attempt all other important strategies to maximize your traffic. Simply understand, you need to design your content deliberately and productively.


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