10 Tips to Style Camo Outfits

If you ask me how to make a bold fashion statement, my answer is trying those pieces with a camo print—whether you want to build a look around a pair of camo pants, or otherwise style with other plain pieces to add a chic vibe, I believe camo outfits prints, as the eye-grabbing fashion element, will never disappoint you. In case you will miss all the camo possibilities, we’ve already rounded up 6 dos and don’ts and 4 stylish tips that are worth keeping in mind.

A. Dos and Don’ts

1. Do Add Color

One thing we’ve noticed that is camo prints would look great with many colors, from neutrals to pastels and even bold neons. Adding the little colors can tone down the look, soften the masculine impression, and effectively make camouflage the focal point.

camo prints

2. Do Try Camo in Other Colors

Camouflage now comes in a wide variety of colors this season and it’s not just green anymore, try other color palettes, such as gray, yellow, blue even the neons will help keep you from looking less military but chic.

Camo in Other Colors

3. Do Wear Accessories

To finish your camo look, the tip is looking for some simple jewelry to add a hint of a feminine edge so that you won’t be too boyish and tough. Another smart way to is opting for a feminine pair of heels or mules to level up your look as well.

Wear Accessories

4. Don’t Wear it Head to Toe

Although camo prints are a fun way to boost your wardrobe, one thing you need to note is that do not wear one camo piece head to toe — it will make you look like you’re going hunting or wearing army uniforms.

5. Don’t Hide All Your Skin

If you hide all your skin, your whole camo look would start to feel masculine and tough. At least show a little skin, such as the ankle, the arms, the neck, the shoulders that will soften the military vibe.

military vibe

6. Don’t Mix with Animal Print

No matter the camo or animal prints, both they look great on every simple staple, but please limit yourself from one of them and never mix them together at a time. Otherwise, your whole outfit tends to be too messy-messy.

4 Tips to Style Camo Outfits

1. Camo Overalls

Camo outfits overalls are one of the versatile staples that you can easily style for casual, edgy, and street-chic looks. For a casual style, try on a plain t-shirt or simple sweatshirt. And you can also wear the cropped top or layer with a jacket if possible, the combo will make the whole look ready for the street style scene.

Camo Overalls

2. Camo Pants

Girls Camo pants look really good with anything, from a t-shirt to blouse, a hoodie to a tank top, jacket to the puffer, all of them would make it perfect for going out. The key is to select the right pair so that you can dress them up properly. For example, try on the tailor leg or skinny pair for your daily casual look.

Camo Pants

Otherwise, you can opt for the straight legs that look more appropriate and professional for the office environment.

In addition to the tailor legs and straight legs, go for the baggy style that is quite relaxing and edgy if you want to rock the camo as your statement.

3. Camo Jacket

To add a cool spin to your look, the camo jacket is definitely what you need. It’s a perfect layering piece—you can layer your camo jacket over sets, dress, tops, overalls, etc. Make sure other outfits are simple or monochromatic so that your camo will be the focal point and your look won’t see to be overwhelming and too matchy-matchy.

Camo Jacket

4. Camo Dress

Camo dress is another fashion staple that is easy to wear and versatile for different occasions. You can layer with a denim jacket or tie it around your waist to add a 90s vibe and street style cool to your look with your statement camo dress.

Camo Dress


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