Five Ways to Turn Regular Clothes into Maternity Fashion


Do you want to stay stylish while having a baby? It is challenging and difficult because your body is going through so many changes. You must gain weight, so it is challenging to wear the same regular dresses and maternity fashion in this period. And after having a baby, the body takes a long time to bounce back.

You can use a lot of things that you already have in your closet. Just by using some styling tricks, you can make your pregnancy clothes. Old clothes cannot accommodate your growing belly, and as your body is changing, you need some more clothes in this period. You do not need to find the clothes that fit you. Trying a lot of new stuff must be exhausted in this situation. By going shop to shop is boring. Simply adding some new stylish tricks, you can use your pretty regular clothes. So if you need fashion ideas without any hustle visit InfotainmentBeats.

When the belly is popped, you don’t know about your exact size, and you have many new events to go on. So this is the time you have to spare for your styling and to save some money.  Just have to make your clothes a little wider and longer, and you are all set for your baby bump.

 To save your money and time shopping time, there are five simple ways to turn your regular clothes into your maternity clothes. Isn’t it exciting and also money-saving? Just by sparing some time on your regular clothes, you can optimize your budget, and essentially you will look pretty. Check out these ideas to look beautiful in your everyday clothes.

1. DIY with Top:

Tie up your T-shirts

Layering is the best partner in the pregnancy.  Roll up the t-shirt over the baby bump and secure it. Yes, it will look pretty. You have to tie your t-shirt on your belly, and you are all done. Ready to Go out and enjoy this time.


T-shirts are the most breathable and soft stuff it helps you to stay comfortable. The side ruching style of t-shirts is the most helpful thing. These shirts can grow with the body shape. You can also wear them after having the baby.

Tunic Shirts

Turn your lovely tunic shirts into pregnancy-friendly dresses. To add a stylish little touch, pair your tunic shirts with your stretchy leggings. You can also add a belt.

A Crop Top:

Do not throw your old regular t-shirt. Just crop the top of the shirt, and you can make another layer for your belly bump.

Add a top button to your sweaters.

Make your comfy sweaters at home for your growing bump. Just take a regular sweater and cut down the middle of the shirt. Add a pretty large button on the top. A large size cute sweater is ready to show off your fashion skills. Usually, you have laggings in your wardrobes, you have to match it with your sweaters and with your forks, and you have new maternity dresses.

DIY for pants

Maternity jeans

When the belly starts popping out, a lot of women stop wearing jeans. But trust me, you don’t have to skip your comfy pants and your way of styling. Just make the waist a little vast, and here you go. Also, use some belly bands and hair ties. Use a mini-extender and loop it through the buttonhole. You will see the vast difference in the waist. Isn’t it crazy fixes? And must try also.

Hoist up your jersey pencil skirt

Pencilskirts are super flattering. So why some of you ditch them while having a baby? You can use it with fitted shirts to make your inner classic maven style. If you have a stretchy jersey pencil skirt, pull it onto your belly, and you are all set.

Wear your clothes differently.

You can feel that your body is growing day by day. Every day is a headache to look perfect, wear a new dress style and have a fantastic, confident day. But if you think differently, you can wear your regular dresses with a little trick that will make you prettier and gorgeous. You can wear your favorite skirts by shifting them a little higher around your belly but not on your waist. If you feel that your skirt is a little bit higher, you can also wear your leggings. It will look perfect.

Stylish & figure-flattering is the most useful style. These are the belted style, drop-waist, and downswing dresses.

The fantastic long wrap looks so good even with a baby bump. You’ll look good in Long wraps with beautiful belts.

4. Simple maternity dress

If you have a bohemia style elastic- band skirt, you need some stylish and creative ideas. Just with some creative and sweet fashion ideas, you can change your whole look. Pull up your skirt and tie with a cute belt just over your belly. It will give a shape to your body. The belt will help to keep the skirt in place. And the skirt will nicely dress into a knee-length maternity dress. You can also make it a little more pretty by adding a blazer or a sweater to it.

5. Maternity ruffle sleeve top

In thiswhole time, it is not easy to decide your clothes. To make your maternity style classy and graceful ruffle sleeve top is just perfect. For making any day of your pregnancy great, create a beautiful look with a full sleeve top with pants.


It is not easy for a woman to compromise on her clothes. Every woman has her way to style herself or to make herself pretty. If she wants to look good, she starts to search for a new style and fashion. A woman begins styling herself according to every new fashion. It is not easy to buy every time new designer clothes. So, in her pregnancy, it is not acceptable for her to compromise on her clothing. To make a woman prettier in her maternity time, some DIY and ideas make herself confident and more adorable. For every regular clothing, there is a way to change it into maternity clothes. Making regular clothes maternity cloth is easy. By adding some new things to your everyday clothes like belts and buttons, you can change your ordinary clothes into maternity clothes. You can also look forward to making your maternity clothes into your regular clothes. To make women ready to go to any event with a simple and beautiful dress, we have given some ideas and tips above to change your regular clothes into pretty maternity clothe


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