Ultimate Option for Zari Silk Sarees’ Best Deal

Are you looking for buyers of old Silk sarees near your location? Are your Zari silk Sarees worn out and don’t suit your closet anymore? Do you feel your old Kanchipuram Silk Sarees need a new customer? Contact Oldzari now to let them take care of your sarees. Oldzari promises you a fair price for your Sarees based on quality. The service is cost-free and doesn’t require much labor on your part. 

We promise the older the Zari Silk Saree higher the value and we are good at keeping our promises.  

If you have a pure Zari Silk Saree in your closet, they are worth a precious gem. The Zari in Kanchipuram Silk sarees adds value assuring you a good price on a selling price later on. These sarees are woven from pure mulberry silk with exquisite designs and styles across the border and middle part of the saree. This uniqueness and the Zari carved in the silk keeps the worth of the item afresh and valuable.

Be a Cautious Buyer 

Not every saree that you buy in Kanchipuram markets is Kanchipuram Zari Silk Saree. There are duplicates of such sarees too. These duplicate Zari Silk sarees can’t be easily detected as they are also made by professionals but the Zari in them is not of fine quality.

A customer can be easily manipulated and confused while buying them. Some of the ways to identify a Zari Silk Saree are mentioned below:

  1. Feel the saree. Pure Zari silk is smooth and soft. 
  2. Notice the Zari. It has to be melted with the thread of the saree to create one beautiful and cohesive stretch in the silk.
  3. Pure Zari has a beautiful shine that reflects light.  
  4. Duplicate Zari is rough and stiffer that it won’t easily bend and flow like pure silk. 

Saree retailers won’t tell you these differences. The cost difference between an original Kanchipuram Zari Silk Saree and a duplicate one can go up to 30,000 to 40,000 rupees. A customer should know these if one wishes to buy a Pure Zari Silk Saree

Get Genuine Price 

A Pure Zari Silk Saree can get you a handsome selling price at Oldzari. We offer trusted services in buying old Zari Silk Sarees. Our services include:

  1. Free quality test report for your Zari. It ensures the quality of your Zari.
  2. Proper and secure packing box and tamper-proof courier service. It ensures that your item travels safely. 
  3. Dealing, shipment, and payment happen in quick time and the service is hassle-free. 
  4. We get you the accurate price based on the quality test report of your product. 

Oldzari.com allows you to sell your old Zari Silk sarees and get a handy price based on the quality. We offer the above-mentioned services at your doorstep and make your trade effortless. We have authentic reviews from our customers. And, We proudly announce 100% satisfaction and those reviews are a mirror to that. Give Oldzari a chance and you won’t regret it.


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