5 Top Indian Wedding Dresses for Men that You Can Vouch For

It is the season of weddings in India. Yes, the wedding bells have started to ring, and it is the time for the shopping season for men and women. Everyone wants to look their best during their wedding day. And men are also no exceptions. The pressure of looking best may take a toll on all, and it is valid for men and women. When it comes to Indian wedding dresses for men during the wedding, you can follow some tips and choose the best attire.

Go through this guide and explore the best mens Indian outings for marriage in this post!

Elegant Kurta Pyjama

When it comes to buying Indian wedding dresses for men, nothing can beat the classical Kurta Pyjama. It is up to you to team up Kurta with a comfy Pyjama if you don’t want Dhoti to go with it. It is up to you to make a choice between Churidar Pyjama and Straight Cut. You can also style the look, and that’s what makes it elegant mens Indian wedding attire. Be it the stunning look or the classic one; the Kurta-Pyjama can be the best one. Pro tip – you can wear a turban or a jacket and complete the classic look!

Classic Dhoti-Kurta

The Dhoti-Kurta is also an attire of the groom that will never go out of fashion and style. Be it the Sherwani and plain Kurta; you can style the attire. Dhoti-Kurta has been one of the best Indian wedding dresses for men, and it will continue to rule. You can also choose different colours to make things vibrant.

The Sherwanis

Indian wedding dresses

One of the best Indian wedding dresses for men has been Sherwani, and it will continue being the same. You can wear that with a dupatta, turban, stole, beads and chains and be on your way to looking the best. If you want to kill it with a royal and vibrant look at your wedding or any of your friend’s marriage, then Sherwani is the thing to go for!

The Jodhpuris

One of the attires that have attained national acceptance during recent years has been the Jodhpuris of Rajasthan. Men in Rajasthan have the Jodhpuris on their top list of clothes to wear on a wedding day. Many people in Rajasthan go for Jodhpuris during formal occasions. The Jodhpuris look very similar to Sherwanis. The cloth comes with pants, and you can’t see what’s above the knees. As they go down, they get tighter. The overall look of the Jodhpuri is fashionable yet contemporary when compared to Sherwanis.

The Bandhgalas

You may have seen many of your friends donning the Bandhgalas during a marriage function. Yes, it is because it is a perfect mix of culture and heritage. During an Indian marriage, it has emerged as one of the most preferred mens Indian wedding attire. Yes, compared to other clothes for weddings, the Bandhgalas give a royal touch. The clothing attire is based on a closed neck often. It has a few buttons or velcro at its top. And that gives the Bandhgala a near-perfect and an overall neat look.

Pro tips to follow to look your best on your D-Day

  • To look best, many men take the chemical way on a wedding day! But if you do that, then your skin may not look healthy and glowing. And yes, throw away that fairness cream – it is unnecessary as it’s loaded with chemicals. Just abandon the chemicals that you have bought to look your best – they are not going to help you. But still the option which one can choose is getting the best makeup artist which will give an instant glow with pocket friendly price!
  • Don’t scrub your face too hard with the face wash that most claims to make your skin go wow. Don’t be too harsh on your face and scrub it gently and keep it dry.
  • Go natural with exfoliating. Yes, that’s what your aim should be when it comes to cleaning your skin off impurities. You should use naturally made scrubs made up of natural materials such as milk, besan and baking soda.
  • It also becomes vital to maintain your oral hygiene. You won’t like your breath to be stinking to put others off. Brush your teeth every day, and if possible, even include mouthwash in your daily regime.
  • Keep yourself well hydrated. Drink water and plenty of fluids if you have a wedding to attend or if it’s your marriage. Doing that keeps your skin hydrated and helps in giving it a much-needed glow for the all-important day.

You just went through some of the best Indian wedding dresses for men that may get you to steal a second look. Based on what you prefer, you can choose any of the mens Indian outings for weddings and kill it on the most special day of your life. All the best!


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