How to Protect Yourself from Coronavirus Infection?

Pandora’s box has been opened, unleashing the disaster, fear, and illness. What is it that has caused global panic, intense fear amongst citizens, empty roads, deserted metro stations, ghost towns and cities around the world? Well, it is no less than a spine-chilling monster which was initially identified in Wuhan, China and till now it has swallowed many lives across the globe. With the outrageous outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, thousands have lost their lives and lakhs of infected people are currently struggling for survival, relying on ventilators. In the midst of such a crisis, we are inundated with deceptive and false news. This article will help you know about coronavirus that has led many countries and cities to implement lockdowns for months.

What is Coronavirus?

The coronavirus (COVID-19) is a newly discovered infectious virus that has wreaked havoc on the whole world and has been declared as a pandemic by WHO. Talking about its characteristics, this virus has crown-like spikes, and thus, it is named after a Latin word – corona which means crown. It is certainly a dangerous one that is believed to be transmitted from animals to humans.

The scariest part of this virus is that it spreads rapidly through the droplets of saliva while sneezing or coughing by an infected person or by social contact. Not only this, but it also spreads by touching contaminated surfaces and then touching your own nose, eyes, or mouth as the virus easily gets into the lungs and causes respiratory illness. At present, there is no vaccine available or treatments for COVID-19. However, the medical professionals and doctors are working their fingers to the bone across the world to come up with an effective treatment. 

Symptoms of coronavirus

Take these symptoms as warning signs for you to be more vigilant and attentive towards your health. Do not move out if you have:

  • High fever
  • Continuous dry cough/sore throat and runny nose
  • Breathing difficulty/shortness of breath
  • Discomfort in the chest
  • Tiredness
  • Upset stomach

These are the symptoms that have been found in the confirmed COVID-19 cases.  Remember that after exposure to the infection, you will feel absolutely healthy and normal for about two weeks, and the above-mentioned symptoms may appear 2-14 days after getting afflicted by the disease. The moment you encounter these signs, do not ignore your health and seek special medical treatment in the blink of an eye by calling the doctor first instead of heading for a hospital in a jiffy as you might infect others present there. It can be life-threatening to people having health issues and those who are above 6o years of age. At present, there is no vaccine available to defeat coronavirus and the only treatment we all can rely on is relieving the symptoms.

Protection from Coronavirus

Given below are the simple preventive measures that ought to be taken seriously to protect yourself and the people around you:

Wash your hands the right way with soap & water

Clean your hands with soap and water or alcohol-based handrub for at least 20 seconds. Gently rub your fingers, nails, backs of hands meticulously, and then rinse the soap lather with running water. This process should be repeated whenever you go out and come back home. It is highly efficacious in killing the viruses that may be resting on your hands. In case you are stepping out of your house to buy essentials, make sure you carry a hand sanitizer and use it before and after touching anything outdoors. Don’t forget to use a disposable tissue while you sneeze, cough, and blow your nose so that it can be thrown in the trash immediately as the droplets can infect others around you. Strictly avoid touching your mouth, eyes, or nose if your hands are not sanitized properly as this could be the best way to protect ourselves from getting infected.

Practice social distancing to slow the spread of COVID-19

To control community spread, stay at home unless it is an emergency. It is essential to avoid mass gatherings and events as this virus spreads like a wildfire. If you are sick and have mild symptoms, then self-isolate yourself, seek medical help from healthcare professionals, share your travel history, and stop meeting people immediately to not transmit the illness to others. Social distancing has found to be the best way to combat this pandemic. Therefore, always maintain one-metre distance between yourself and others when you are at a grocery store and buying necessary food items. Avoiding close contact with people and staying indoors might seem challenging, but if you want those good old days of freedom back, then do your bit by staying home quarantined till the situation improves for the better.

Use Facemask if you are unwell

We’ve already mentioned that in this situation, it is better to stay at home unless it is genuinely required for you to move out. If you are sneezing or coughing, then make sure you always wear a facemask that rightfully covers your nose and mouth. This way, you will safeguard others from developing an infection.

Disinfect or sanitize the surfaces regularly

To keep your home safe from coronavirus, clean the surfaces with liquid detergent or household bleach and water. With this solution, spray and wipe the frequently touched surfaces like doorbell, doorknobs, worktops, tables, faucets, cell phones, light switches, keyboards, etc.

Keep yourself informed and updated with credible sources

Do not believe in every piece of information that is posted on social media as it might be a myth, hoax, or rumour to mislead the public at large. In addition, don’t take any medication without proper consultation from a doctor or medical expert. Always follow the advice and news issued by the government and established health & social care organisations that are working diligently day in and day out to keep people aware of the latest updates pertaining to COVID-19.

I genuinely believe that there is one thing that still remains in the pandora box, and that is nothing but hope. If we have hope in our hearts, we all can fight together with this pandemic. Stay safe at home and curb the community spread to break the chain.


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