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These days we find some common problems within the people around us that they are not able to do their work to the mark and also the approach of doing the work is completed in a lethargic way. This sometimes results in not able to achieve anything in a career and also makes the person depressed. Hence, it is extremely important to stay and feel motivated. Gold Coast Psychologist suggest some of the tips for you to stay motivated:-

1. Set your goal

This is a very important thing each and every human being should practice. Unless and until you do not set a goal for yourself you would not be able to focus on work and also you would not be able to achieve anything. In order to stay motivated it is very important to set your goals because it will create you a path to proceed further and also will keep you motivated. A person who has set goals for himself does not get confused in the career decisions and also stays motivated to face problems that may occur while achieving his or her own goal.

2. Positive encouragement

For young people, positive encouragement is the most important technique to keep them motivated. If you excel in something try to share it with your loved ones who would appreciate your work and also encourage you to work further. According to research by Gold Coast Psychologist,  it was found that if positive encouragement is given to a person he or she gets highly motivated and tries to improve his or her own work. So if you keep on getting positive encouragement from your loved ones you will stay motivated.

3. Visualise the positive results

It is important for you to visualize the positive results which might give you pleasure for achieving your goal. And, It might create energy within you to achieve your goal and keep you motivated. It may also clear you why you are doing this work, what exactly do you expect from this work which will improve your approach towards pursuing the goal. Visualizing the positive results may also help you to face challenges easily and stay motivated.

4 .Visualise the negative results

According to a survey by the Gold Coast Psychologist, it has been proven that most of the people having no interest in their work, had completed their work or achieved their goal by negative motivation or we can say visualizing the negative results. It brings a feeling of fear into your mind of the effects of not achieving the goal which might scare you and keep you motivated to achieve your goal. As you are clear about the negative effects of not doing the work you would be clear about the completion of work and work motivated to achieve your goal.

5. Stay away from your distractions

Firstly, before pursuing any work be clear about the distractions which you might face while doing work. Make a list of the distractions and try to make plans of how to not get distracted by these things. For example, If a person gets distracted while studying through his or her mobile phone, he or she can finish the energy of the mobile phone before studying and charge the mobile phone after studying. This is how one can list all the distractions and try to find a solution for it. This may help you to achieve your goal without distraction and also keeps you motivated.

6. Counter Planning

Many people get demotivated for achieving their goals in the fear of not getting the expected results. Hence in order to stay motivated, there is a solution given by the Gold Coast psychologist to make an alternate plan before working on a plan. This may help you to lose the fear of not getting the expected results and also help you to work fearlessly and stay motivated.

7. Give Deadlines

Before starting any work, always give a deadline to yourself for completion of the work and if you are successful in completing the work on time reward yourself with the things you love. This may help you to stay motivated and complete your work on time and makes your goal-achieving path interesting so that you can achieve your goal without getting tired.

8. Stay work zoned

Always try to build the environment around you which keeps you motivated and encourages you to achieve your goal. By living in such an environment you would never be distracted and always you will be motivated to achieve your goal as every person and thing around you reminds you of achieving your goal. If the environment around you is not encouraging you to work or distracting you from your work then you will not be able to achieve your goal. Hence to stay motivated it is important for you to stay work zoned.

9. Find the reason to move on

If you are not able to achieve your goal or not succeed in your work do not get depressed and unmotivated. Rather list the reasons for the importance for you to move on. By doing this, you would be able to move on easily and stay motivated.

10. Give breaks

There is a famous phrase “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy “ This phrase is really true. If you work continuously without spending time on yourself, at the end of the day you will feel tired and there are also chances that you get fed up with your work. Hence, it is important for you to give yourself some break from your work and do what you love. This may increase your energy to do your work and also keeps you motivated.


These tips may definitely help you to stay motivated and these days it is most important to stay self-motivated. As if your external conditional doesn’t allow you to stay motivated your inner motivation i.e your self-motivation may help you to achieve your goals.

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