Top 11 IAS Coaching Institutes in Jaipur

UPSC exams are known as one of the toughest exams in India, and thus the preparation should be done in a meticulous manner. Each year lakhs of aspirants appear for this exam with the dreams of getting selected to become the IAS officer, but only a mere few get selected in the exam. For this exam, everything should be top tier; professional guidance, mentorship, good quality of study material should be offered to the IAS aspirants. With the help of the coaching, the students will undoubtedly be able to clear the exam on the first attempt.

Also, in the coaching centre, while surrounded by your competitors, you will perform much better and strive to be the best. There are various coaching centres available, but it is up to you how much effort you are willing to put into the exam preparation. While choosing the best institute for IAS preparation, do proper research and see which institute meets all our requirements. 

To make things easy for you, here is a list of the top 11 best IAS coaching in Jaipur:

IAS Coaching Institutes in Jaipur

#1. The Thought Tree

The Thought Tree is known as one of the best IAS Coaching in Jaipur, Rajasthan. T3 has the best faculty, and it comprises retired or ex-government employees and they help the students to prepare for the exam in the best way possible. T3 offers the best learning experience, study material, books, and notes that the Faculty prepare are given to their students. Their approach to teaching is unique and makes the students at ease and get to learn concepts in a simple manner. All the efforts of the teachers and the staff have made T3 the best IAS coaching institute.

Contact no: +91 9999090136

#2. Chanakya IAS Academy

Mr. A.K. Mishra established Chanakya IAS Academy in 1993. It offers the best coaching and the best guidance for IAS preparation. Chanakya IAS Academy’s main aim is to help the students be motivated throughout the preparation stage of the exam. They are dedicated to the aspirants’ growth, preparing them for the exams, and becoming the best in everything they wish to do in life.

Contact no: 7727007327

#3. Rau’s IAS Academy

Dr. S. Rau established Rau’s IAS coaching institute in 1953. The faculty of the Rau’s IAS consists of qualified tutors, best mentors, and devoted staff. It offers a comfortable environment to study, and it helps the students to be dedicated and not get distracted. One can be assured that each student here gets the undivided attention and the best guidance for clearing all three stages of the exam.

Contact no: 82092 03177, 75680 54231

#4. Khan Study Group

Khan Study Group IAS Coaching in Jaipur believes in making studying and learning easier. The main goal is to bring out the best in the students and make them better civil servants. As it is one of the top coaching institutes in Jaipur, they offer the latest materials, guidance and books for the exam.

Contact no: 0141 405 2441

#5. Shikhhar IAS Academy

Shikhhar IAS Academy is known for offering the best IAS coaching in Jaipur. Here, the main aim is to make the student become dedicated towards and learn the sense of responsibility that comes with preparing for the exam. It is a difficult task that is achieved with the help of top educators and professors who are qualified and have many years of experience under their belts.

Contact no: 7300221186

#6. Toppers25

Toppers25 is one of the leading institutes in Jaipur and was launched in 2014. As the name suggests, their batch size is 25 Students only. The classroom has a smart projector and HiTech live classroom for explaining the concepts visually. Toppers25 is an institute that the top medalists established to ensure the students’ success who want to become IAS and RAS officers.

Contact no: 9694195828

#7. Springboard Academy

Springboard Academy is also one of the best coaching institutes in Jaipur, which is best known for IAS preparation. The main focus is to make the student attentive and dedicated towards their goals. From teaching concepts at the ground zero level and offering the best learning experience, Springboard Academy gives equal importance to every IAS exam preparation.

Contact no: 9636977490

#8. Astitva IAS Coaching

Astitva IAS Coaching is another top IAS Coaching in Jaipur. It was established by Dr. B.B. Singh and Dr. Kiran Singh in 2005. With the best facilities provided to their students, their course fees are affordable and won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Their batch size is 30 to 40 students to ensure that they get undivided attention and mentorship is offered individually.

Contact no: 9460345178

#9. Nirman IAS

Nirman IAS is a renowned institute that was founded in 2007. They are dedicated to their students and helping them learn where their interest lies and what things need to be improved and worked upon. All their faculty members make teaching concepts simple and learning effective. It helps the students be competitive and strengthens their foundation with the top teaching techniques and undivided attention as their trademark.

Contact no: 9680513367

#10. Borthakur’s IAS Academy

Borthakur’s Ias Academy is one of the supreme coaching institutes in Jaipur, which is well known for UPSC preparation. They offer books, notes of all the topics and other learning materials for a seamless learning experience. It is the best IAS coaching in Jaipur and is a one-stop source for all the IAS aspirants to get the best chance at clearing the most difficult exam.

Contact no: 9680513367

#11. Zenith Education

Zenith Education was founded in 1998 to provide the best of the best training to its students, and they are known to be the top coaching centre in Jaipur. The teaching faculty comprises supremely qualified and experienced tutors who have the best techniques and methodologies that can be used to get the maximum output in a minimum time.

Contact no: 8302450450

Final Word

So, to wrap up the topic, I hope that the information presented in the article will be helpful to you. This article consisted of the information of the top 11 RAS coaching centres in Rajasthan. Check out all the institutes and then choose the one which meets all your learning requirements!


Which institute is best for IAS in Jaipur?

The Thought Tree (T3), is the best coaching centers in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Is Jaipur good for IAS coaching?

Yes, Jaipur is the main hub for IAS preparation, and there are various IAS coaching institutes available that offer the best facilities.

What are the fees of IAS coaching in Jaipur?

The fee structure of every coaching institute is different. So you can check out the official websites of coaching institutes to check the fee structure.

Which is best for IAS coaching?

I would suggest you check out the list of the institutes mentioned above.

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