Top Memory Techniques for Exam Preparation

Imagine you are in an examination hall writing a paper and unable to recall an answer to a certain topic. It is a scary or frustrating feeling most of the time. The brain seems unwilling to cooperate and often plays tricks by remembering unnecessary things not needed for the paper.

Even a student in the best school in Dubai will face this problem. This is because an examination is one of the biggest fears of a student and while in an examination hall, even a student from the best school in Dubai is a victim of this problem.

You may be an extraordinary student, but still, your mind may be fuzzy while remembering particular details. In fact, under immense pressure, the mind may turn completely blank too.

The reason this is so is that while in an examination hall, we are stressed. So the body starts releasing the stress hormone, which is cortisol. It’s a fact that stress is one of the top reasons for the decrease in memory powers during certain situations.

The question is how to overcome this and avoid such incidents while writing a paper. Do not worry with 5 proven memory techniques often practised in even the best school in Dubai; one can easily increase the retentive powers.

1. Organize yourself.

The first and probably most important technique is to get yourself organised. A well-organised approach after proper planning goes a long way.

To begin with, clear up or declutter your study area. Remove all unnecessary things and leave only those that will help in your studies. Keep only pens, pencils, sharpeners, erasers and highlighters on top of the table.

While sitting down to study keep all your notes and textbooks needed near you so that you do clutter again to find them.

2. Use of Mnemonics

Mnemonics are simply short terms for the words you create and associate information to help you in remembering things easily.

You translate your information into a secret language or code of your own making that will help you in deciphering whatever information you wish to learn and remember.

This method helps in recalling a lot of information that otherwise would have been very difficult to remember and recall.

So take certain snippets of your information or studies and associate them with creative phrases. The phrases should be created in such a way that they can activate your memory.

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3. Have a photographic memory? Take full advantage of it

Many are blessed with a photographic memory. This is basically the ability of certain individuals to recall objects and images in a very vivid manner. If you have such a capability, recalling things should not be that hard. For those who do not, you can develop a photographic memory.

  • Make spider diagrams
  • In the middle, always mention the main idea.
  • Point out to various information from the main central data. If written in such a way, the data is very easy to recall.

4. Use music

You must have noticed how easy it is to remember the lyrics to a song. This same concept can be used in studies. Add a musical twist to your information and try to make a song according to the tunes of your favourite song!

5. Concept of ‘Memory Palace.’

Students have to go through huge volumes of data while preparing for an exam and are expected to shell out that knowledge accurately in their exams.

A memory technique called ‘Memory Palace can be extremely beneficial in such cases.

Imagine yourself building a palace and filling it with the data you are learning.

  1. First, imagine a building. Now fill up the rooms with information you have just learned.
  2. Make connections visually with a chair and other furniture with parts of lessons you might have just revised. Link the information you are revising with the furniture.
  3. While writing a paper retrace your footsteps as you exactly imagined the palace. Pick the relevant information for the answers required.
  4. With every new information, keep on adding additional rooms. Keep on associating the new information with things you can remember.

Of course, such techniques are not the only ways to improve your memory power, but these are some of the easiest ways to do so. Another simple way is to use a WordPress quiz plugin and make many educational quizzes to prepare for the subjects before the exam. If you go to the best school in Dubai, you will find these techniques taught regularly. So go ahead and do not let your exams stress you out.


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