How To Get Instagram Followers Without Money

I am not the first person who writes about Instagram followers. Heck, this is not even my first contribution to this topic. This time I will do something else. Instead of giving your 8 well known tips that you have probably heard before, I will put together as much as I can find. I trust that you find out which are most suitable for you and which you have to leave on the table. Are you ready? We are about to! How do I get genuine Instagram followers without following anyone? Here are 8 useful options for increasing your Instagram followers without and following everyone. Try it now!

Keep a Scheduled And Consistent Posting

Firstly, frequent and planned contributions on Instagram are compatible with Instagram. If you continue to publish quality and content, you always get more Instagram followers, but that does not mean that you have to post every day or hour. There are still guidelines for how often and when they have to publish on Instagram. Firstly, it is strongly recommended to publish once or twice a day as follows on Instagram: Monday

Wednesday Thursday:

  • From 11 am to 1 pm
  • From 7 pm to 9 pm

Never use an automated bot.

There are a dozen programs or services such as Instantiate that build a large followers that don’t matter. Imagine that you are a stage actor and have a sold show. When you arrive there, you see two people in the audience and every second chair is taken by a cardboard neckline. Do you want such an audience? Because you get that with a follow -up generator bone. Also do not use exploits such as the Follow/In -delivery method. Such techniques have very low response rates, the following income does not last long and you will probably be banned by Instagram if you abuse them. If you don’t believe me, don’t look at Instagram.

Personally, I don’t like gray hashtags that use the followers of others such as #l4l, #ff or #follow-back. They like to work, but they look Kitschy for me and the dedication is generally of low quality. Development without it can be a little slower, but of higher quality. It’s worth it for me. It’s up to you if you want to abuse it.

Optimize your Instagram profile and your biography

To get more followers on Instagram without following, another important point is your profile /biography. As long as you have a great biography, you have followers who love you and your brand. So increase your Instagram biography with:

  • introduce yourself
  • Present your brand personality
  • Add calls for action (eg follow me, learn more, show my messages, etc.)
  • Make links (for messages, website pages, products, competitions, etc.

Publish content with high quality.

What does high quality mean? First use a real camera. Don’t be afraid to edit photos on your computer in Photo-shop. Do not limit yourself to the iPhone camera and edit the app that the App Store cited this week. Make sure your photos have good lighting and composition, color sharpness, etc.

Oh, and eliminate the HDR mode; It is an accessories. You can take good photos without them. Maybe you want to read some tips for photography or even follow a few basic courses to improve your skills. Even if you know all the small functions, your camera is a great thing. I can’t tell you how many people have used a great DSLR with standard settings that you never change because you don’t know what you are doing.

Rely on Powerful Followers App

Although there are different strategies to get Instagram -follower manual, it is much faster and easier to rely on a powerful Instagram followers -app to hack a group of real and active followers without being pursued. There are many Instagram -tracking apps on the market, various functions and functions, advantages and disadvantages.

Now the use of Instagram -Tracking -Apps is more efficient and faster to follow the free Instagram -Bevel -Level without others. Follower what is the best app to get free Instagram followers around 2023. In this part we will introduce 10 best apps to increase your Instagram followers without increasing money and anyone.

Run competitions

There are many types of competitions that you can do on Instagram, and the price can be everything, from a voucher code to a product, a shout-out or a user content in your feed. There are a few questions that you must ask yourself.

  • What competition do you want to organize? A subtitle competition, a photo competition, a lottery?
  • What is the reasonable price? You do not necessarily want to donate a high -quality product in a simple title match, but you do not ask for a photo of your entry in the exchange for a discount coupon of 5%.
  • Real? Do you want to use the app to perform the competition? Gleam and other App programs from third parties have competition apps that work reasonably well and are already familiar with users, but they can cost $ $

Or may not be suitable for the type of competition you want to perform. Also do not abuse competitions. Some brands see competitions as the only effective way to build an audience and play competitions, but they tire users. The profit will fall fairly quickly.

Use the right hashtags

Hashtags are also an important tool with which you can get free Instagram followers. By adding the right hashtags to your contribution, more interested users will help your product. You can add these 3 types


  • Top -hashtags: Find the most used hashtags in connection with your keyword.
  • 2. Random hashtags: choose random hashtags.
  • 3. Active hashtags: search for recently used hashtags.

Know your listeners

The better you know your audience, the better you can adjust your profile so that you meet your requirements. Part of it means knowing their preferences for pictorial styles, dominant colors, subjects, etc. Part of it means learning which hashtags you should use to reach them. It also means to know the small details, such as their demography and at what time of the day to reach them the most. Note that most Instagram users with time-based filtering are only displayed in the content that were relatively close to their first registration date.

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