The Ultimate Secrets of Men’s Perfect Layer Beauty Hairstyles

The layer is a hairstyle with a long history of appearance and existence. Since Undercut hairstyles are not popular yet, Layer is one of the hottest. In fact, at the present time, many people still choose modern Layer styles. Stylized styles with modern cuts bring a very unique beauty.

Surely any brothers in the “history” of their hairstyles, before knowing the undercut styles, have had time to style hair with long bangs covering the forehead. But don’t completely think it’s a Layer. Not hair with long bangs is called Layer. So what is a layer really? How to get a beautiful Layer hairstyle for men? How to style? How to take care? All these questions will be answered by HairBros through this article.

What Are Layer Hairstyles?

The layer is a hairstyle with long bangs that can be close to or touch the eyebrows (the ideal length is usually from 8-9cm), the hair on the sideburns must not be cut too close, must have a certain length (1-2cm ), the hair on the nape should not be cut too high or too close, these are two very important factors for a beautiful layer style. Your Layer hairstyle really looks bad if the sides are cut too close, too white.

Depending on how the roof is cut and styled, there are other variations of the Layer. These include Textured Fringe (Europe), Two Blocks (Korea). There are also dark roof layers, diagonal roof layers, new layers,.

A layered hairstyle is very suitable for Asian faces. And best suited for those with long, thin, or oval faces. For those with a high forehead because it will help conceal defects. On the contrary, those with round, square, diamond, angular faces should not leave layers because it will cause imbalance to the face.

Advantages and disadvantages of Hair Layer

The advantage of this hairstyle is its simplicity when it does not take too much time for styling. Short styling time but very impressive results. You will have extremely fluffy, romantic, and erotic hair. The layer also helps to conceal facial defects such as brow, high forehead.

The biggest downside is probably not suitable for summer weather in our country. When long hair is really very hot, it is easy to sweat, cause hair loss, loss of aesthetics. This is also the answer to the question of why Layer is so prevalent in Korea, why Korea is the “cradle” of beautiful men’s hair. Because Korean weather is really cold !!! And cold and dry looks great on Layer hair.

“Form” Layer Style Haircut

It all starts with the brothers’ haircut, it’s best to show the barbera specific image of the Layer you like and emphasize that it is not allowed to cut sideburns and nape or cut the bangs too short.

If you want to add accents to your hair, you can dye the bangs or gently curl (you can learn more about men’s hair curling here), it will be the very beautiful and outstanding hairstyle. A layer of more brothers!

Conducting daily styling according to standard procedures

Shampoo / Rinse / Moisten hair → Use Prestyling (if needed) → Hair Drying → Waxing

If you do not have much time or are not too fussy, do not have to follow the steps above. Just apply the hair wax immediately to the dry base and style it as you like.

As for those who want to optimize their styling and want to have the most beautiful, romantic Layer hair, they cannot ignore the step of using Prestyling in their Styling Routine. Prestyling – styling enhancements will significantly increase volume and texture. These are two very important factors to determine the beauty of the Layer hairstyle.

Besides, pre-styling also provides basic hold to help hair to embrace the head form better. And also has the ability to protect hair against the high temperature of the dryer, limit hair damage.

Korean Style Layer Style

If you are aiming for Korean romantic Layer hair (Layer style focuses on volume, curls texture, and tangles of curls), HairBros styling products recommend you to use as dry waxes. For oil absorption, moisture absorption, flexible hold with mild wax to loosen hair, clean hair, keep hair floating and withstand the tropical climate of our country.

Hanz De Fuko QuickSand with his features is a perfect choice for Layer hairstyle, besides, you can refer to some other products that are also suitable for Layer styling such as Original Clay by HairZone, Moroccanoil Texture Clay, …

Layer style Europe style

Meanwhile, with the modern European layer style, personality (Layer style tends to favor many large curls), the perfect choice is the styling waxes with relative cohesion, high holdability. To increase the bonding capacity between curls to increase the texture effect as well as to have good desiccant oil absorption to maintain clean, dry hair, you can refer to hair strokes: Lumiere of HairBros, Kevin Murphy Rough Rider, Apestomen Volcanic Clay,….

Those who have dry, hard, fine hair but want to layer, should choose moisture-oriented wax products, such as Morris Motley Treatment Styling Balm or Blumaan Monarch Matte Paste with excellent hair conditioning and moisturizing properties, make your hair, which is difficult to tell, easier to fold, look fluffy, natural, and true to Layer’s “quality”.

Tips for creating the most effective layer styles

Rub the wax evenly on your hands and then apply evenly to the hair, paying special attention to the top of the head. Use your fingertips to run your hair to create texture or mess your hair as desired. You should only use a small amount of wax (about half a knuckle) to style it. Do not take too much because it can cause sticky, look unnatural.

You can also use puff powder, dry shampoo to absorb oil, and absorb moisture. This helps to increase hair volume. Also helps dry hair clean. The bangs in front of the forehead are not soaked in perspiration, flat, after wearing a helmet, operation …

And do NOT use the spray! The gum will dry out the hair, looking unnatural. What’s more, it’s difficult to re-style, especially after wearing a helmet. This takes away the characteristic volatility of the layered hair. If you use gum, it will be really uncomfortable to get your hands through your hair. Please use gum only IF not riding a motorcycle, not wearing a helmet.

Use conditioner to care for hair Layer

Softness, volatility is the most important factor to have a beautiful Layer hairstyle for men. So use conditioner regularly after shampooing. You should not choose a conditioner that contains only Silicone.

The popular conditioner in supermarkets usually contains a lot more silicone than high-end conditioners. Silicone will create a fake, silky-soft feeling for the hair and won’t last long (1-2 hours). Even worse, it also causes clogging of pores on the scalp.

Use a conditioner with high levels of nutrients, organic, benign, and non-irritating extracts, such as Hanz De Fuko Natural Conditioner with more than 10 types of Amino Acid and many plant extracts. Other great for hair and scalp. The product has been tested by many people for extremely effective hair conditioning and hair recovery.

For those who need to save time, 18.21 Man Made Wash – 3 in 1 wash/rinse/shower is a perfect choice. Gentle cleansing products that combine moisturizing well for the hair and scalp.

Use essential oils to enhance nutrients

You should also combine the use of essential oils for hair to maintain moisture, providing essential nutrients for hair. Mermaid Tears – outstanding hair care but an extremely soft price, less than 200,000vnd. With supernatural ingredients, extremely benign, Mermaid Tears is the perfect combination of grapefruit essential oil, argan essential oil, coconut oil, grape seed oil, and Vitamin B5,…. Used to condition hair, make hair soft, smooth, and strong.

Using Mermaid Tears every day not only helps your hair to flutter but also improves hair density significantly, especially suitable for hair loss care. So the layer is the roof must be thick to be beautiful, right? Shop for yourself a bottle of Mermaid Tears for the best Layer hairstyle!

Note when conditioning hair

The overuse of conditioner and conditioner will easily cause thickening of the hair. Mermaid Tears Oil spray around the hair about 6-7 times is enough. Conditioner, a little more than a coin is enough. And remember to trim your hair every 3 weeks / 1 time to remove damaged ends. This will help keep the curls always fluffy, smooth, and strong. Above is the knowledge you need to know to own the best Layer hairstyle. Hopefully, the article will help you create a romantic, youthful, and attractive layer hairstyle! Thanks for taking the time to read the article!

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