8 Tips to Get Instant Cash for Your Gold

When you have to sell gold jewelry, many questions come to your mind, like what would be the spot value for my ornaments, how I can sell gold at the best price in Delhi, which gold buyers would be genuine to me, what would be the most convenient way to cash for gold jewelry and many more.

To cut it short, every gold jeweller seller looks for some assistance before selling gold. They look for some tips that can help fulfill their goals without hassles. Here are some selling gold jewellery tips that will help our audience get the most righteous to get cash for your gold in Delhi.

Don’t get impulsive before selling your jewellery

Self-evaluation is very much necessary when it comes to selling gold. So, carefully check every jewellery piece that you want to sell. Most pieces of jewellery contain some emotional aspect. You need to ensure that emotional value does not come in between your price expectation. Ideally, pieces of gold jewellery consist of earrings, outdated items, scrap gold jewellery that are not more special for you. This means you should not act on impulse and take decisions wisely and practically. 

Get an appraisal

You should make sure that antique or decent jewellery pieces must get appraised before selling them to the buyer of gold that pays by weight. You should know that designer or antique jewelery could be more than what you expect to sell as the finished piece. Get an appraisal is intuitive when it comes to selling gold (in the case of intricate or designer jewelery).

Know what you have

Most gold jewelery contains a mix of metals, rarely you would 100% gold as 24 carats even comprise only 98%, the maximum percentage of gold in jewelery pieces. While selling your gold, you will only get paid for pure gold parts. When you (consumer) buy any gold jewelery piece, you get an invoice where the entire description is mentioned. So, before you sell gold, you must know its worth (in terms of purity and weight).

Find a reputable buyer

Finding a reputable buyer is a must when you have to sell gold jewelery. we are leading gold buyers near me that are reputed and trusted when it comes to selling gold jewellery. We are an organization that is maintaining its legacy for the last 50 years and has been awarded for trust making among customers. We have a dedicated and trained team of professionals that go through extensive training provided by the management before serving the customer.

We also employ world-class technology for measuring the purity of your gold item. You will also get instant cash for your gold items. You will certainly have an amazing experience with us for selling your gold item.

Shop around

Shopping around can be helpful if you are naïve or first time seller. You want to be confident before selling your gold item. Therefore visiting various old selling branches would be a good idea as to when you will reach branches, you will have a fair idea about the entire selling procedure. You can get bids from several buyers before settling one. The offerings you may get will vary significantly depending on where to sell them.

Protect your jewelery items first

Protection is a must for your dearest gold jewelery pieces. So, before leaving to sell your items to us, get the photographs of the document and the jewellery items. You need to understand that gold items are always valuable even after years.

Buyer of gold also wants your photo id proof for buying gold items as we don’t take stolen jewellery. This is a criminal offense and jewelery to remain protected when you arrive at us. Take all precautions and stay safe.

Know the price of gold

Keep up with the market price of gold from a reliable website. you can also get reliable information about gold prices. We would like to inform you those gold price changes every day as it is a commodity and depends on certain factors. One of them is the value of the dollar i.e. dollar vs INR. Before you come to us, you can check the latest history of gold prices.

Get realistic

Most people think, selling gold ornaments will make you rich, but it’s not true. Although, you will get enough money to invest somewhere or fulfill some of your urgent needs. You can expect a good payment like in thousands with us and that is in real-time.


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