10 Tips for Your Facebook Company Page

Your Facebook page has been bobbing around with a small number of fans for ages? The spark doesn’t jump over and the big run on your really good offer just doesn’t want to start? On Facebook, every visitor can see directly how many fans you have already won for your Facebook company page. A site that bobs around forever with 86 fans has a completely different radiance than a site with 1,500 fans. But how do you get new fans? And how can you inspire your fans in the long term and retain them?

However, there are a few basic and simple ways you can get your fans up to speed. In this article, we present a few tips and tricks that you should know to attract new and loyal fans to your site.

Use your name

Those who cannot find you cannot follow you. So you should use your company name or the name of your product as the page name and that’s it. Unnecessary keywords are just confusing at this point. What you do, how you do it, what you offer – none of that has anything to do with your page name.

Fill in all (!) Information fields

Unfortunately, it is neglected far too often, but in order to be taken into account by the Facebook algorithm and in search queries (which are not that rare), the information fields on your page – ie “Our The story”, description, services – must be sufficiently good Content to be filled. For tips on how to use this information cleverly, check out our comprehensive tutorial on Creating a Facebook Page.

Promote your site online and offline

You should advertise your site everywhere, really everywhere – on your website, in your e-mails, on your other social media profiles, in your printed matter, letters, invoices, on your shop door, because yes … drumming offline is also important ( We have put together a few ideas for this in this article ).

Also invite employees, customers and your own Facebook contacts to follow your page. But not with an automated invitation, as so many do, but better in a personal message in which you briefly describe the added value that your site offers (e.g. daily information, the latest offers, direct exchange, thematically interesting Articles, competitions or other specials).

Use your followers as multipliers

If your fans share your posts, the visibility of your page increases directly. You don’t necessarily have to surprise them with “Share this post!”. You can design your posts in such a way that they encourage fans to do so. B. To mark friends in the comment columns. Reactions to your events are also shown to other users. So be sure to keep this factor in mind when developing your posts.

Communicate with your fans

Communicating on Facebook doesn’t just mean posting posts. Communicating means actively entering into a dialogue with your fans. People come to you on your company page and thus show a fundamental interest in your company or your products. So you are “pre-qualified” to bring in a little expert talk.

As soon as someone leaves a comment on your page, you should at least reply to them. At best, even in such a way that a short dialogue can arise from it. The user feels picked up and at the same time, the potential reach of your company page increases in the Facebook algorithm. We have summarized 5 tips for you on how you can improve communication on your Facebook page.


Post regularly and at the right time. What’s the use of following a Facebook company page that hasn’t happened in months? Continuity is important to keep your fans happy and to keep your site interesting.

There is always room for posts that are highly topical. An editorial plan gives you time to plan and coordinate contributions in advance. Don’t overdo it, but it should be at least 8 planned posts per month. We have created a  special free Excel template for an editorial plan that makes planning extremely easy for you.

As a rule, the best times for posting are on weekdays between 09:00 and 11:30 and again around 19:30 in the evening. At the weekend, the time between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. is ideal. But it is important that you try out what works best for your community.

Offer your fans added value

Facebook users are looking for an exchange and want to be entertained. So on your side, it is not primarily about you, but about them. Therefore, make sure to deliver content that actually interests your fans and potential customers. One key to finding out: Listen to them (online and offline). Post content that answers their questions and offers them opportunities to express their opinions and exchange ideas. Also: Which topics have already received a lot of likes on your site? Put similar posts on your agenda!

Try out unusual formats

Videos, especially live videos and stories, not only generate special attention in the Facebook algorithm but also from (potential) fans. So give yourself a few thoughts on your video strategy and pick up your camera more often during important events. It doesn’t have to be super-professional, it just has to be genuine and honest.

Always make sure that your posts are of high quality

Make your posts well thought out, coordinate images and text, don’t get too promotional and only use high-quality images. Sounds complicated, but it’s not that much when you consider a few important aspects.

Use Facebook ads properly

There is no getting around Facebook advertisements, even for smaller companies, because Facebook doesn’t give away reach and the competition is fierce.

In addition to increased visibility, sponsored posts also offer other options for reaching precisely tailored interested parties with your content: You can buy Facebook likes at affordable prices from one of the best site “social captain”.  This makes your community attract to your new high-quality posts.


The days when Facebook gave you free coverage and when it was enough to “just be on Facebook” are over for good. The competition among Facebook company pages are fierce.


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